Wide Bandwidth
Low insertion loss
High Attenuation
Excellent temperature stability

Wireless Infrastructure applications FLB2275S1050A is a 50W bandpass filter in a shielded package fabricated using SMT technology.

This bandpass filter covers from 1450 to 2450 MHz. This filter offers low insertion loss and VSWR in the passband for use in digital cable TV networks and 4G LTE networks.

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RF & Microwave Filter

Low insertion loss for using high Q-value dielectric resonators

Small and Light for using high dielectric constant ceramics

Excellent mechanical stability without versatile structure


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Frequency customized Low noise Low Return Loss High gain amplifier Low noise Low Return Loss High gain amplifier

GPS single frequency board transmitter

Surface mounted devices Small dimension High stability in temperature / humidity change


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Ceramic Wave guide Filter

High power Frequency range : 1~20GHz

Frequency range : 1~20GHz

Base station & Repeater


Communication System , Military System


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